With a focus on equities, Amadeus Quantamental offers bespoke portfolio construction solutions. As a research driven FinTech we help you to find the right investment process for your clients and enable the implementation of complex systematic investment strategies.

Financial Technology

The Asset & Wealth Management Industry has become a tough place to be in. Strong competitive pressure from low-cost ETFs and Robo-Advisors has been exacerbated by ever more extensive regulatory requirements. Investors don’t just need to invest in compliance but at the same time develop new, better differentiated products to stay relevant. In this situation technology is the only rescue. Our toolbox helps investors generate new ideas while following a clearly documented process.

Research & Analysis

Having a good strategy and a well performing portfolio is key to every Wealth Manager. However, quite often your end clients will come with ideas of their own or want to discuss selected stocks with you. Our Quantamental App powers a range of other applications including our quantitative Single Stock and ESG Reports. These attractively designed and printable HTML reports are available for thousands of corporations worldwide and can be accessed through our web platform or mobile application. Impress your clients with an extensive quantitative coverage of a large universe of stocks and bring the discussio with end clients to the next level.

Bespoke Strategies

Every investment firm has its own distinct DNA rooted in its history. However, sometimes it is necessary to broaden ones product range and diversify to stay fit for the future. Building the respective competencies internally though can be a rocky and most importantly very costly path. With our consultancy services you can quickly launch systematic investment strategies without hiring specialists or purchasing expensive financial data. We develop customized strategies that take your preferences and unique DNA into account and can be readily implemented on your side. Venture into new strategies but maintain full flexibility and independence.

Funds & Managed Accounts

Are you an independent Wealth Manager, interested in building a product palette or do you already manage investment funds and wish to extend your product range? Amadeus Quantamental works closely together with Amadeus Capital in Geneva and W Capital in Gibraltar. These two partner firms can set up and manage investment funds as we all as managed accounts. Our associated firms are also actively looking for partners to launch new products with and are ready to provide seed capital. Last but not least, our group is also always interested in attractive takeover targets. If you are an independent Wealth Manager in Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg or the UK, looking for a buyer or strategic partners for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.